Wildlife advocates support wind power

Wildlife advocates support wind power

Scientists tell us that our wildlife, from the tiniest pollinators to the largest mammals, are facing an unprecedented threat from climate change. Pollution is altering our climate much too quickly for wildlife to adapt. We are in real danger of losing many of the animal and plant species we enjoy and depend on.

The good news is that we have technology available today to reduce that pollution – and electricity rates – by using cleaner sources of energy. One of the best ways to reduce climate pollution is wind power.

As an emission-free electricity source, wind directly combats climate change. In 2015, wind reduced the equivalent of over 28 million cars’ worth of carbon pollution. Greater savings will be seen as wind generates even more of America’s electricity. By 2030, it could eliminate up to 20 percent of the electric sector’s carbon emissions. By 2050, wind could save $400 billion worth of climate change damage.

Wind does have a limited impact on wildlife, but so does every other energy source. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority concluded that wind has less of an impact than any other type of energy generation. That’s why wildlife advocates, including the National Wildlife Federation and the National Audubon Society, are pushing for more wind power.

The United States is blessed with a beautiful array of wildlife and natural landscapes. We have a moral obligation to care for them. By creating more of our electricity with wind, we can fulfill that responsibility.

David Jenkins

President, Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship

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