Local Vendor Directory

Wind farm construction is a very specialized process, but it requires common products and services, many of which can be found locally. The typical construction duration for a wind farm is approximately nine months from the start of construction to the commercial operation date. The work consists of upgrading and building new stone roads, forming and pouring large concrete foundations, installing underground electrical systems and overhead high voltage transmission lines, constructing a project specific substation, erecting the wind turbine tower and generator, and completing the mechanical and electrical connections. In addition, there are other general or community needs.

To learn more about the types of services that are needed to support wind farm construction, visit our Building a Wind Farm page.

Below are some of the local vendors who have signed up as part of the Heritage Wind Local Vendor Program to be considered for the types of services that will be needed to construct the Heritage Wind project. To learn more about our Local Vendor Program or to sign up, please visit our Local Vendor Signup page here.



Germeo Construction
Gary Germeo
(585) 764-7973
[email protected]

Finnefrock Paving
Rodney Finnefrock
(585) 638-5011
[email protected]

Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC
Heather Kennard
(585) 370-0200
[email protected]

Sourced Market Eatery
Katie Misiti
(585) 590-6430
[email protected]

Orleans Ready Mix
(585) 798-1800
[email protected]

Pilon Construction Co.
Spencer Pilon
(585) 507-5397
[email protected]

Carpenters Union Local #276
Thomas Kelly
(716) 238-5114
[email protected]

Eagle Hawk
Andrew Herr
[email protected]

Staybridge Suites Rochester University Hotel
Joanne Giuseppetti
(585) 613-3400
[email protected]

Gary Germeo
(585) 764-7973
[email protected]

CME Associates
Pete Schedel
(585) 254-8740
[email protected]es.com

International Union of Operating Engineers
Mark Printup
(716) 628-5601
[email protected]

Quill Diesel Repair
Joe Quill
(585) 748-6907
[email protected]

The Orleans Bridge
Robert Harker
(585) 259-6230
[email protected]

Black Bear Hill Farms
Ron Daum
(585) 314-6959
[email protected]