STUDY: Wind Farms Produce No More Infrasound than Waves on a Beach

According to a 2010 study conducted by an independent acoustic consulting firm in Australia, the levels of infrasound created by wind turbines are not only well below the internationally recognized Audibility Threshold (the level where infrasound is perceived), but they are no greater than those produced by waves at the beach.

After comparing levels of infrasound near two operating wind farms in Australia, the study concludes, “Wind turbines generate infrasound, however, measurements made both outside and inside and at a variety of distances significantly less than separation distances between wind farms and dwellings, indicate the infrasound produced by wind turbines is well below established guideline perception thresholds. The level of infrasound that has been measured in…a rural coastal…environment is of the same order as that measured within 100 meters [328 feet] of a wind turbine.”