FACT: Onshore wind energy does not cost consumers more

Since a wind turbine's "fuel" (wind) is free and will never change in price, wind energy helps protect consumers from the price spikes that often affect conventional fuels. According to the testimony of the Public Service Company of Colorado, utilities like wind because it “acts as a hedge against future volatility of natural gas prices.” It also offers utilities an opportunity to lock in a price for up to 25 years via a long-term contract, usually referred to as a “Power Purchase Agreement”. Just as a fixed-rate home mortgage locks in home payments, this kind of contract prevents power generation costs from increasing unpredictably over time. Continue reading

REPORT: Wind farms help maintain and increase local property values

Wind farms help maintain and increase property values by boosting local economic development. They provide significant funding to schools, county governments, and other local services, which improve property values by making communities more attractive for growth and commerce. Continue reading

REPORT: Wind farms boost agricultural property values

Did you know that wind farms can actually boost local property values? Wind turbines and facilities have been shown to increase the assessed value of agricultural property. Continue reading