Introducing Plum Tree Wind 

Apex Clean Energy is exploring the feasibility of constructing Plum Tree Wind, a utility-scale wind energy project, in southeastern Huntington County.

This website features information about wind energy, Plum Tree Wind and important upcoming events.  Please use this site to send us feedback, ask questions and stay up to date on project news and developments.


About Plum Tree Wind

Plum Tree Wind promises to be among the largest construction projects in the history of Huntington County, offering economic development benefits county-wide.

Apex Clean Energy expects to invest more than $195 million of private capital to build Plum Tree Wind.

A Windfall for Huntington County

Plum Tree Wind will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for schools, governments, and landowners.

  • Estimated $110 million in economic impact for Huntington County.
  • New source of property tax revenue for schools and county government.
  • Annual payments to landowners will inject millions of dollars in the local economy over the Plum Tree Wind's 25-year life cycle.
  • Additional full-time jobs for support and maintenance.
  • Significant economic boost during construction phase