Australian Medical Association: No Evidence of Wind Energy Causing Adverse Health Effects

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According to an official statement published by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) on March 18th of this year,

"The available Australian and international evidence does not support the view that the infrasound or low frequency sound generated by wind farms, as they are currently regulated in Australia, causes adverse health effects on populations residing in their vicinity. The infrasound and low frequency sound generated by modern wind farms in Australia is well below the level where known health effects occur, and there is no accepted physiological mechanism where sub-audible infrasound could cause health effects."

Furthermore, the statement explains,

"The reporting of ‘health scares’ and misinformation regarding wind farm developments may contribute to heightened anxiety and community division, and over-rigorous regulation of these developments by state governments."

This statement corroborates conclusions reached by numerous other reputable researchers and government health authorities, including the findings of the Massachusetts Department of Health in January of last year.

The evidence is clear - wind turbines are safe and wind energy offers significant health benefits, including the fact that it creates no air or water pollution.

As the AMA statement reports,

"Electricity generation by wind turbines does not involve production of greenhouse gases, other pollutant emissions or waste, all of which can have significant direct and indirect health effects. "

The AMA's complete statement is available here.