Barre, New York – October 5, 2018 – Today, Heritage Wind shared the results of a community phone survey it conducted in July. The survey results suggest that more than twice as many people in Barre and the surrounding area support the Heritage Wind project as oppose it. Heritage Wind has chosen to disclose the results at this time because they so closely parallel the results of the recent Barre Community Survey conducted by the Town.

“We did not want to release our results sooner, because we did not want to influence the Town of Barre’s survey of a similar nature,” explained Ben Yazman, development manager of Heritage Wind. “But now that those results have been released, we thought it might be helpful to let the community know that we found very similar results in a recent survey we conducted to inform our public engagement work.”

The phone survey commissioned by Heritage Wind secured responses from 170 area residents, 52% of who state that they support the project, compared to 22% who state that they oppose it. Additionally, when respondents who were initially undecided or leaning against supporting the project were provided a factual statement about the benefits it would bring the community, 33% of them stated they were more likely to support the project.

Ben Yazman says this high level of local support is why Apex chose Barre for its Heritage Wind project. “Apex has spent the past few years in Orleans County talking to hundreds of people who have shown significant interest in wind energy,” says Yazman. “This phone survey gave us the opportunity to double-check our understanding by asking a large, randomly selected sampling of local people for their opinion, and we were pleased to see that these results strongly supported our previous assessment.”

Heritage Wind commissioned the full-service public affairs and community outreach firm Cornerstone Solutions to complete its survey. Cornerstone specializes in research, education, advocacy, and communications services nationwide.

To see the complete results of the survy, please click here.


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